ODRI’s Heart and Guidelines


Ensure that the defense and respect for intersectional human rights are made visible in international, state and civil society institutions in the context of global sustainable development policies and, in that sense, promote gender mainstreaming and the inclusion of LGTBIQ in sustainable development policies.


The vision of ODRI is to be a reference in the protection of human rights based on articulated work with various relevant actors whose participation is necessary (States, human rights protection systems, the private business sector, allied NGOs, and civil society) through the intersectional approach. This approach offers greater possibilities for the formulation of strategies and advocacy plans in the face of problems that include the inclusion of subordinate identities in policies (ethnic and racial groups, LGTBIQ groups, refugee population, etc.).


We aim to disseminate a culture of values based on tolerance, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and compassion based on the protection of human rights and the promotion of inclusive sustainable development.